How to Make Money Piggy Backing On a WSO

No doubt you’ve heard of Warrior Special Offers and even purchased a few (or a few dozen.) If you’re not familiar with them, they’re special deals you get over at the Warrior Forum on products that are typically Internet Marketing related. If you run your own WSO, you can build a list of subscribers and … Read more

How To Build Your Own Army of Affiliates

There’s always a lot of talk on how to recruit affiliates to promote your products, right? But what if instead of recruiting affiliates, you TRAIN affiliates? That is, announce you’re offering affiliate training once or twice a month, live on a webinar. The training is free, come one and come all. You put out the … Read more

Are You Making Any of The 6 Worst Affiliate Marketing Mistakes?

You don’t have your own product yet and you want to make some money promoting affiliate products. But if you promote affiliate products via email, there is a better than even chance that you are making at least one of these mistakes and it’s costing you money. Imagine if every time you promote a product, … Read more

The Beginners Guide to Getting Joint Ventures – Part 3 Building JV Partnerships

Don’t expect them to fall all over themselves in gratitude that you wrote. If the answer comes back negative, write back and tell them thank you very much for considering it, and you look forward to an opportunity to perhaps work with them in the future. Don’t rant or rave or get nasty – the … Read more

The Beginner’s Guide to Getting Joint Ventures – Part 2 How to make contact with Potential JV Partners

That first email to a potential JV Partner is scary, isn’t it? What should you say? What shouldn’t you say? Will they reply? Will they think you’re some schmuck hayseed from the sticks? First of all, don’t worry about getting rejected. Everyone gets rejected now and then, and online it’s usually a simple matter of … Read more

The Beginner’s Guide to Getting Joint Ventures – Part 1 Approaching Potential JV Partners

Joint ventures are a marvelous way to get your product in front of a lot  of people quickly. Better yet, getting your joint venture partner’s recommendation can significantly increase both sales and sign ups onto your own list. But that’s the good news – the bad news is anyone with a list gets approached day … Read more