What Makes People Buy Your Products? (The Customer Mindset)

wnat makes people buy

I’ve recently been listening to a variety of personal development audio books while out walking with my dog and I have found it really helpful with trying to understand what makes people tick and why they do certain things. One of my favorite audio books so far has been Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert … Read more

Online Business Problems – And How To Overcome Them

online business problems

Building your own online business is just about the best decision you will ever make but learning how to deal with online business problems will help you to keep going when you might feel like giving up. I have faced many online business problems over the years and in this post I’d like to just … Read more

How To Sell Affiliate Products On My Website

There are many different ways to make money online but when you are just starting out it’s probably best to stick to something which is a tried and tested money maker such as affiliate marketing. It’s important though, to plan how you are actually going to execute your affiliate marketing business and many people have … Read more

How To Do Business Online

how to do business online

When I first started to try to build a business online I decided to pursue an interest of mine which was personal development. Over the years I have bought a lot of personal development products such as training packs from companies like Nightingale Conant. These came as a box pack of cassette tapes (remember those?!) … Read more

Online Marketing Strategies – Stop Wasting Time And Become Successful Online

online marketing strategies

Online Marketing Time Wasters You MUST Avoid to Be Successful Having the right online marketing strategies is crucial for building your business but do you ever consider what you spend your time on every day? Another day goes by and what have you accomplished in your business? If the answer is nothing, or not as much as … Read more

Email Marketing Strategy – The Secret to Making More Sales Through Email

email marketing strategy

Email Marketing Strategy – The Secret to Making More Sales Through Email You send an email to your list promoting an affiliate product, and you can tell from your autoresponder stats that a good percentage of those emails were opened. Yeah!! But after that, it’s all downhill. Only a tiny percentage of the recipients who opened their … Read more

3 Myths About Running An Internet Marketing Business

internet marketing business

Internet Marketing Business Myths!If you’re having trouble making this whole internet marketing business thing work for you, it could be because you’ve bought into one or more of these lies. And before you can make progress, you’ve got to bust out of this way of thinking and get back on track. Myth #1  You haven’t succeeded because you … Read more

How To Create An Ebook

how to create an ebook

Almost nothing is better than having your own product because you not only keep 100% of the sale price when you sell it – you can also get affiliates to sell it for you, thus simultaneously building your list and bank account through the efforts of others. And then there’s the Warrior Forum – get WSO … Read more

When You Build Your Reputation It’s Priceless – So Look After It

A few years ago a well-known marketer (who shall remain nameless) launched a new 20 page triple spaced PDF on how to make quick money online. So far so good, right? (Actually, the report was 29 pages, but the other 9 pages were pleas for testimonials and a sales letter for an upsell. And the … Read more