Hi! I'm David and Welcome to Rookie entrepreneur!

First of all let me say a big thank you for visiting my site and having a look around

Let me just tell you a little bit about me and what I'd like to do for YOU.

I’m actually a pharmacist by profession and I have spent the last 20 or so years working as the pharmacist in one of Northern Ireland’s busiest pharmacies.

The main reasons I became a pharmacist were firstly that I was interested in science as a child and secondly that I like helping other people.

While I still get pleasure from helping others, I realised some time ago that pharmacy was not my passion.

The things I am most passionate about now are finding ways to improve my personal circumstances and internet marketing.

I've spent years of my time and more money than I care to remember trying to figure out how to make money online.

I've tried lots of systems and courses - some of which worked very well for me, and some of which were a total scam and a complete waste of money.

This is where YOU come in!

You see I still enjoy helping people and I hate to see people struggling and wasting time and money trying to start their own online businesses.

So I decided to set up this site to help other Rookie Entrepreneurs.

Here's the deal: I'll show you everything that has worked for me and I'll even show you what's involved and what you get for your money if you decide to invest in it.

This is a work in progress but over time I plan to build a library of product reviews to show you what works and what you should avoid!

Good luck with building your own online business.

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