How To Do Business Online

how to do business online

When I first started to try to build a business online I decided to pursue an interest of mine which was personal development. Over the years I have bought a lot of personal development products such as training packs from companies like Nightingale Conant. These came as a box pack of cassette tapes (remember those?!) … Read moreHow To Do Business Online

How To Create An Ebook

how to create an ebook

Almost nothing is better than having your own product because you not only keep 100% of the sale price when you sell it – you can also get affiliates to sell it for you, thus simultaneously building your list and bank account through the efforts of others. And then there’s the Warrior Forum – get WSO … Read moreHow To Create An Ebook

How to Sell More of Your Products

So you’ve got traffic and an offer, but the offer isn’t converting the way it should. Now what should you do? It could be that the traffic you’re bringing to your website isn’t the right traffic for your offer, or that the offer isn’t right for your particular traffic. Or it could be the words … Read moreHow to Sell More of Your Products

How to Build a Million Dollar Internet Business

I am going to share with you the exact same process that million dollars earners use to build their businesses. And I caution you with the strongest warning I can possibly give – WHILE THESE METHODS MAY SEEM TOO SIMPLE, THAT IS EXACTLY WHY THEY WORK. Yes, you will have heard of some of these … Read moreHow to Build a Million Dollar Internet Business

Making it Impossible for Customers NOT to Buy

If you offer a product or service, this may or may not work in your case, but it’s something to consider. Vacuum cleaner salesmen used to (or perhaps still do) show grossly enlarged photos of dust mites, explaining that there are millions of these critters in your bed feasting on dead skin and defecating all … Read moreMaking it Impossible for Customers NOT to Buy

Just What Is Hype, And How Can You Avoid Using It?

No doubt you’ve been told to avoid using “hype” in your copywriting and sales messages, right? And I’ll bet there have been times when you’ve closed a sales letter page because the hype was too ridiculous for words. But when it comes to defining hype and especially to determining how much is just right, the … Read moreJust What Is Hype, And How Can You Avoid Using It?