How to Build a Million Dollar Internet Business

I am going to share with you the exact same process that million dollars earners use to build their businesses. And I caution you with the strongest warning I can possibly give – WHILE THESE METHODS MAY SEEM TOO SIMPLE, THAT IS EXACTLY WHY THEY WORK.

Yes, you will have heard of some of these things before. But the most dangerous thing you can do is shrug them off with an, “I already knew that.” Because unless you are actually DOING these things and implementing these methods, you are doing yourself a grave disservice.

  1. This first one is extremely POWERFUL, and yet it is amazing how many people don’t do it. Are you ready?

You need to set clear, achievable, measurable goals for your business.

Be painfully honest with yourself: Are you setting goals? And if so, are they clear, achievable and measurable? If not, then you are NOT enjoying the success you could be.

  1. Create a plan for how to achieve your goals. Having a plan will increase your profits, reduce your stress and allow you to grow your business exponentially.

Your plan should be time-based, meaning you set deadlines. You plan when you will get each step done.

It should be realistic, as in you either have the means or access to the means to pull it off.

It’s got to be practical – no expecting that Oprah is going to do a special on you this month when you haven’t done anything yet.

And it’s got to be measurable. Planning to earn a “lot of money” doesn’t allow you to measure how you’re doing. Planning to earn “$200 this week and increasing by $50 each week” does.

  1. Execute and stay focused on your plan. Continue forward as though you have blinders on and do not get sidetracked or distracted.

  1. Continuously measure and evaluate your results based upon the goals that you set for your business. If you are not meeting your goals, adjust accordingly so that you DO meet your goals.

If you are not meeting your goal then find a way to meet it. Do not adjust your goals down to meet what you are accomplishing. If you set a realistic goal to begin with, then ratcheting down your goal to meet performance is a cop out and NOT an option for someone who is going to be as successful as you are.

  1. Look for ways to get even better results and adjust and improve your plan accordingly. As you progress you’ll find ways to maximize your time or the money you’re making, so improve your plan by incorporating these new methods.

  1. Develop systems for what you do. That is, you’re going to streamline and eventually outsource many of your tasks so that you can continue to grow your business even further. And the way you do that is to develop and document systems so that your business runs like a machine.

So for example, if you get the same support question a lot, you can write out a detailed answer once and then file that away, so that anytime in the future when someone asks the same question you can simply send them that answer rather than writing it all over again.

Doing this for your business means that at any point you can hand off one or more of the systems to someone else to do it for you, whether it’s a personal assistant or someone who just does one specific thing for you, such as write and submit articles.

That’s it. The more closely you follow this exact system, the more successful you will be. Don’t follow it and success will be haphazard at best and non-existent at worst.

And yes, right now 6 and 7 figure earners are using this exact system, and there’s a reason why – it works.

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