How to Make Money Piggy Backing On a WSO

No doubt you’ve heard of Warrior Special Offers and even purchased a few (or a few dozen.) If you’re not familiar with them, they’re special deals you get over at the Warrior Forum on products that are typically Internet Marketing related. If you run your own WSO, you can build a list of subscribers and even make some pretty good money if your WSO catches the attention of enough Warriors and especially the attention of affiliates.

But to run a WSO you’ve got to have your own unique, original product, which isn’t always so easy to do. One alternative is what I call “Piggy Backing” on a hot WSO to both earn affiliate commissions and to build your list. Here’s how it works:

First, you need to use the Warrior+Plus Affiliate System. You can sign up at

Now then, search through the available offers to promote. You want one that is fresh so that there’s plenty of people who haven’t purchased it yet. It needs to be converting well – look at the conversion column and find something converting at a minimum of 10%. Sometimes you find them all the way up to 30% or more.

It should also pay a good commission. 50% is about the minimum these days, and you might find one you like that’s paying 75% or even 100%. Mind you, it’s better to have one paying at 50% and converting 30% of traffic into buyers than it is to have one that is paying 100% but only converting 10% of traffic into buyers. If the products each sold for $10, for example, the one at 50% would pay you approx $150 for each 100 buyers you sent, versus the one paying you 100% and converting at 10% would only pay you $100. So you’ve got to factor in these various elements to choose the one you want.

Find several possibles, look at their sales pages, and choose the one that has a topic that interests you and that you know something about. Request to become an affiliate, and while you’re waiting to get approved you’ll want to buy the product and dive right into it.

What you’re going to do is create your own quickie product that goes along nicely with this product. Your product should complement the WSO product without giving away too many of the techniques and strategies outlined in the WSO.

Create the product using whatever quick product creation technique you like – writing a quick report, making a video, whatever. This isn’t a full blown product you’re creating, so a 10 page report or a 10 minute video will work fine.

What you’re going to do is create your own WSO to give away your product for free in exchange for an email address.

This will let you build your list for long-term profit. And you already know that this is a hot topic from the research you did finding a product to promote.

Not only are you going to build your list, with a little luck you’re also going to make some money, as well. It does cost $40 to run a WSO, so what you’re going to do is place an ad for the WSO you’re promoting at the top and bottom of the report, along with your affiliate link. If you’re doing a video, add in a short PDF that includes the advertisement, or place your short redirect URL at the beginning and end of the video and refer them to it.

Use a title for your product that incorporates the name of the product you’re piggy backing, like this: 7 Ways to Maximize “x” or 4.5 Things You Need To Know About “x”

Set up a new autoresponder list to capture the names and email addresses of people who get your free product, and then set up your free WSO. Mind you, since your WSO is free you’re not going to need long sales copy. Short, punchy and to the point copy will work like a charm.

Choose a catchy title for your WSO because this is what is going to catch the Warriors’ attention and get them to click on it. Be sure to incorporate the words, “Free WSO either at the beginning or end of the title.

Set up your system so that when a person double-opts into your list, they are immediately directed to a page that presells them on the WSO, again with your affiliate link. Some people will go straight to the WSO you’re promoting from your page, and others will go there from the affiliate link in your product.

One more step – in your signature line on the Warrior forum you’ll want to promote your free WSO. Just write 2 or 3 lines that entice people to click, and then make relevant posts around the Warrior Forum, outside of the WSO area (Sig lines no longer show in the WSO area.)

There you have it – a fairly easy way to grab new subscribers and buyers, and also make some extra money.

BONUS METHOD – There is one more tactic you might use – and that is to offer your free product to the WSO owner. If there’s one thing that smart marketers like to do, it’s over deliver. The WSO owner can email his list of brand new buyers and tell them he has a special bonus and send them to your opt-in page. Some WSO owners will do this, others won’t – it doesn’t hurt to ask.

A second option is to actually give the report or video you made to them to add to their product package, placing your own special offer inside that they can then opt into, such as another free report or video.

Remember, even though you’re giving the report away for free, you’re still growing your list of BUYERS – and as you already know, 1 buyer is worth 10 – 50 freebie seekers!

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