Quick Writing Tip

Place your most important word last in a sentence. For example, let’s say that the most important word is “now” because you want them to take action right away. Instead of writing… “Now is the time to grab this offer before it’s gone.” Try… “Before it’s gone, grab this offer right now.” Want to pump … Read more

How to Spice Up Your Testimonials And Boost Your Credibility

There is perhaps nothing so powerful in the sales process as social validation. Testimonials provide the third party proof the prospect needs to gently coax their hearts, minds and wallets open. But as with anything else, the more we use a persuasion technique, the less effective it can become unless we continue to change it … Read more

Spice Up Your Copy Writing With Cliffhangers and Teasers

Bloggers, email marketers, copywriters and writers of all genres, how do you keep your readers coming back for more? By utilizing that literary gem, the cliffhanger. I’ll show you exactly how to use cliffhangers and teasers to increase yours sales, but first a little background… We’ve all been caught up in a story only to … Read more

The Secret Of Great Copy Writing – Write Like A Conversation!

Regardless of what you’re writing – a blogpost, an article, a sales message, etc. – your copy should sound personal and relevant to the person reading it. You don’t want to sound like you’re writing a textbook to a class of students or a news article to the masses. Instead, your tone should be similar … Read more

The Importance of Creating Good Headlines!

You’re driving down the road when a billboard catches your eye – “JUDGMENT DAY!” it screams at you. Uhh? Judgment Day? Now, you might have missed the billboard for the guy running for local office; and the 12 billboards for hotels, motels and gas stations – but not this one. Now why do the words … Read more

How do you know if your Sales Copy is Great (or it Sucks!)?

You’ve just finished writing the sales copy for your new product. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to test your copy BEFORE you actually send prospects to it? Because think about this – if you send a 1,000 people to your sales letter and NOBODY buys, you’ve just wasted all that traffic. … Read more