How To Choose a Niche For Your Next Blog (Or Your FIRST Blog)

Without a doubt there’s money to be made in blogging, and you like to write anyway – so why not start a blog? Of course the first painful question that stops most would-be bloggers in their tracks is… What Should You Blog ABOUT? Choose the wrong niche and you’ll grow tired of writing, or you’ll … Read more

Spice Up Your Copy Writing With Cliffhangers and Teasers

Bloggers, email marketers, copywriters and writers of all genres, how do you keep your readers coming back for more? By utilizing that literary gem, the cliffhanger. I’ll show you exactly how to use cliffhangers and teasers to increase yours sales, but first a little background… We’ve all been caught up in a story only to … Read more

Content is (Still) King

Fretting over how to find the perfect graphic artist to design your next beautiful website? Don’t. Sure, it’s fine to have an eye catching design, but test show it usually does little to increase conversions. In fact, on simple sales pages a header graphic can actually make sales decline. What’s important for SEO: Search engines … Read more

7 Methods of Getting Free Traffic for Your Blog

So you’ve set up your blog and you’ve got several posts – and no readers. Now what? Here are 7 proven methods to drive traffic to your blog in no time… Facebook Fan Pages. You can set up a Fan Page for your blog in about a minute – ten minutes if you’re hunting for … Read more