The Differences Between Winners and Losers

I want to share with you something I read years ago. I can’t even tell you anymore where I read it or who wrote it – all I know is that to this day I still occasionally go back and reread it just to check my own attitude and make sure I’m on the right … Read more

IM Timewasters You MUST Avoid to Be Successful

Another day goes by and what have you accomplished in your business? If the answer is nothing, or not as much as you would have liked, here are several ways to reclaim your own time so that you are spending it wisely on  your business, rather than frittering it away on meaningless activities. Remember – … Read more

Pixie Dust and The Mountain of Mediocrity

Just a very quick post today so I can share with you this brilliant post I cam across recently. It’s from a few years ago but still 100% relevant today! If you have a vague, uneasy feeling that this whole marketing via social media thing has gotten way out of hand and that we’ve lost … Read more

Stop Dreaming! Start Doing!!!

Do you get excited when you think about all that you’re going to accomplish online? Are you filled with hope for your dreams of building a big business and earning lots of cash? Do you daydream about how you will spend that cash? What about when you get a new idea – do you grin … Read more

6 Lessons from Jim Collins on Becoming Great

One of the most dynamic speakers you will ever hear at a live event is legendary business thinker and author Jim Collins. Through is best selling books and many talks at some of the world’s largest business events, he often shares wisdom that is driven by his vast experience, but also easily understood and implementable … Read more