Think Outside The Box For Topics!

Are you stuck for a membership site topic?

We all know that the right membership site can bring home monthly residual income like clockwork. The trick is choosing a niche that people are willing to pay for month after month.

How to start and grow an online business is usually a good niche.

Dating is another great niche for membership sites.

And then there’s Donna.

Donna Simpson has a membership site that’s earning her over $100,000 a year, and all she has to do is eat.

That’s right. Donna is extremely heavy and she’s on a special diet – to GAIN weight.

Her goal is to become the world’s heaviest person, and she may just succeed. But what’s truly odd is that people all over the world are paying her a monthly membership fee to WATCH HER EAT.

Now, if you’ve been stuck for a niche for your next membership site, I’m not suggesting you model Donna’s plan. But I am suggesting that thinking out of the box can have surprising consequences.

You might begin searching Google to find out what other oddities people are interested in, and see if you can monetize one of them. Some people are willing to pay for things that seem just too odd, strange, bizarre and weird to most people, and those are niches that are most likely under served and ready for a membership site of their own.

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