An Interesting Way To (Possibly) Make Fast Cash

I have not tried this nor do I plan to (how’s that for a disclaimer?) That said, I ran across an interesting idea to make what could be some easy money.

Best of all – you won’t need any money to get started with this!
You’ll need an Ebay account, and before you groan, you won’t be shipping anything. What you’re going to do is go to Amazon or Overstock and find something that sells well that is under priced.

Then you list that something on Ebay at a higher price, order it off of Amazon or Overstock and give them the buyer’s shipping address.

Yes, this has been done successfully. No, the person would NOT tell me what products he did this with, so I’m just passing this along for your information. Plus I thought it was a novel idea worth sharing.

Bonus Tip – You could also try this the other way round – Buy on Ebay – Sell on Amazon.

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