So You Think You’re On Page 1 Of Google?

Maybe you are – in some places.

Websites can actually appear in different positions in Google search results, depending on who is doing the searching.

For example, if the person’s computer is logged into that user’s account, they will often get different search results than computers that are not logged in. This is because the results can be influenced by the searcher’s web history.

Another factor is the particular Google server – or data center – that is being accessed. Remember, Google has data centers all over the work, and surprisingly they often give slightly different rankings to websites.

And of course even inside one of these data center areas of use, the results can still differ based upon location. For example, someone searching for a dentist in San Franciso is going to get different results than someone else searching for a dentist in Oakland, even thought the two cities are next door neighbors.

If you really want a better idea of how well you’re ranking for your search terms, then you might want to log out of your Google account, clean out your browser’s cache and cookies and then search for your keyword.

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