Content is (Still) King

Fretting over how to find the perfect graphic artist to design your next beautiful website? Don’t. Sure, it’s fine to have an eye catching design, but test show it usually does little to increase conversions. In fact, on simple sales pages a header graphic can actually make sales decline. What’s important for SEO: Search engines … Read more

7 Methods of Getting Free Traffic for Your Blog

So you’ve set up your blog and you’ve got several posts – and no readers. Now what? Here are 7 proven methods to drive traffic to your blog in no time… Facebook Fan Pages. You can set up a Fan Page for your blog in about a minute – ten minutes if you’re hunting for … Read more

How to Get Your Blog Posts Read

I feel almost silly writing an article on this topic, because frankly I can sum it up in one sentence: Write about your own personal experiences in story form. That’s it! People love stories – especially true ones – that show you overcame an obstacle, solved a problem, created something positive and so forth. So … Read more

How Do You Make $100,000 per Year in Internet Marketing?

New marketers tend to get completely overwhelmed by the hundred and one things they need to do (or think they need to do) to be successful online. Sometimes it’s easier to simply break it down to the simple, and so I want to break down for you what it takes to earn $100,000 in a … Read more

Don’t Believe Everything The “Experts” Tell You

Every time you turn around, there’s another guru offering a high ticket item that will save the day and put a fortune in your pocket – but will it? The thing about selling information to Internet marketers on how to market is that they are effectively creating their own competition – training others to do … Read more

How to Increase Sales on Your Blog

Typically when we want to monetize a blog we simply add some advertising to it, correct? Maybe some adwords, or perhaps banner ads that lead to sales pages that lead to (hopefully) bucketfuls of commissions. But as you may have discovered, the problem with advertising products this way is that prospects land on the sales … Read more

How to Get Tons of People Reviewing Your Product on Their Blog

Okay, let’s face it: Guy Kawasaki is famous enough that if he launched a new book by burying it in his back yard, there’s still a chance it would end up on the best seller list. Still, this illuminating article of the 12 steps he took in launching his latest book is a great how-to … Read more