Your Traffic Methods Determine Your Income

I see new marketers all the time who have a goal of a $100,000 per year or even a million dollars per year. And how are they getting their traffic? They’re happily submitting articles, writing blogposts and commenting in forums and blogs. Now, if your goal is to earn an extra $1,000 a month, then … Read more

Repurposing Your PLR For Maximum Sales

There’s a flaw in all PLR, regardless of how well it’s written – it’s not unique to you. Other people purchased the exact same PLR, and no doubt they’re selling it at some rock bottom price of $17 or even $7. So how can you quickly and efficiently repurpose your PLR products so that they’re … Read more

Articles that REALLY Drive Traffic

We’re all familiar with writing articles and submitting them to article directories to get traffic. Sadly, this doesn’t usually result in anything more than a trickle of visitors. But what if you took those same articles and instead of submitting them to article directories, you used them in a slightly different fashion to get real … Read more

4 Ways to Steal Traffic

No worries – this is completely honest and ethical, and it’s a great way to begin sending free traffic to your new website. Diverting traffic from other websites is one of the easiest methods of gaining free traffic. Ideally, you’ll want to “steal” this traffic from high traffic websites, because the more traffic your target … Read more

How to Steal Your Competitor’s Customers

So you would love to nab customers from your competition, but you’re finding that it’s not easy to change their buying habits. What to do? This fun video might provide a clue… Using the video as inspiration, here are 3 ways to change customer buying habits and swing them over to your business… Make … Read more

How to Add Hundreds of Buyers to Your List for Almost Free

  This method costs you nothing but time – yet it can add mightily to your bottom line. As you already know, a buyer is worth far, far more than a simple subscriber, and here’s how to get buyers added to your list for free… Step 1: Create a short report that solves a key … Read more

How to Get Tons of People Reviewing Your Product on Their Blog

Okay, let’s face it: Guy Kawasaki is famous enough that if he launched a new book by burying it in his back yard, there’s still a chance it would end up on the best seller list. Still, this illuminating article of the 12 steps he took in launching his latest book is a great how-to … Read more

5 Methods For Getting TONS of Comments on Your Blog Posts…

…regardless of whether they’re written blog posts or video blog posts. And this can even work on pre-launch videos for your new product launch. You’ve got traffic, you create great blog posts – and yet only a handful of people bother to comment. Frustrating, isn’t it? You work hard to make a great blog post … Read more