9 Tips for Better Business Blogging

Blogging can be a great way to position yourself as an authority and create customer loyalty – if you’re willing to devote the time necessary. Forgo the advertorial dribble. Decades ago some bright entrepreneur realized that if he wrote his sales copy to look like an editorial, he’d get more readers and more sales. Thus … Read more

6 Tips for Writing Great Content

You already know how important content is for communicating your message, getting traffic and making sales. But you might be overlooking a few things that makes your content truly great… Write for your readers, NOT for the search engines. Sometimes we get so caught up in optimizing our content for SEO that we forget we’re … Read more

How to Make an Extra $50 to $150 per day Online

While you’re getting your Internet marketing business off the ground, you might need to earn some extra cash on the side. And while the following 2 methods won’t make you rich, it can put money in your pocket starting from Day 1. Forum Posting Webmasters hire people to make posts for them on forums, to … Read more

Think outside the box to come up with Ideas for Your Business

Ideas: 1st Attempt at Unconventional Marketing No doubt, a $20 bill lying about is an attention grabber and a way to get your prospect to read your advertising. The question is – will s/he associate their sense of disappointment at it NOT being a $20 bill with your business? Fortunately, much of the negative feelings … Read more

4 YouTube Marketing Mistakes Committed by Internet Marketers

YouTube is a great tool for marketing your business – if you can avoid the pitfalls… Mistake #1 – Thinking all you need to do is upload a video and traffic will flood your website. No less than 35 hours of video is uploaded to YouTube every minute, so the competition to get your video … Read more

Should you just copy successful people – or try to be different?

In our quest for success, we often imitate others who are already successful, hoping to duplicate what they’ve already done. And while modeling others is indeed an excellent success tactic, it results in numerous people in the same niche all doing the same things with very little differentiation. Obviously it’s difficult to attract attention or … Read more

How to Get People Tweeting About Your Product

Take a lesson from the Kraft marketing handbook, add you own twist and see what happens. Kraft ran a Twitter promotion in which the company identified pairs of people tweeting about Kraft Macaroni and Cheese and then contacted them, awarding prizes to the first to respond. This simple campaign garnered 1.5 MILLION tweets, yet it … Read more