Want to Know a Secret to More Sales Through Email?

You send an email to your list promoting an affiliate product, and you can tell from your autoresponder stats that a good percentage of those emails were opened. Yeah!! But after that, it’s all downhill. Only a tiny percentage of the recipients who opened their emails actually clicked the link, and of those that clicked … Read more

In this business your reputation is EVERYTHING

Folks, in this business your reputation is EVERYTHING. If you don’t want to get shut down by Paypal or your merchant account, if you want to be in business a year from now (or even a month from now) you’ve got to cut the crap and simply tell it like it is. Yes, you still … Read more

How to Spice Up Your Testimonials And Boost Your Credibility

There is perhaps nothing so powerful in the sales process as social validation. Testimonials provide the third party proof the prospect needs to gently coax their hearts, minds and wallets open. But as with anything else, the more we use a persuasion technique, the less effective it can become unless we continue to change it … Read more

How to Add THOUSANDS of Buyers to Your List (And Make Good Money Doing It)

You already know that a buyer on your list is worth 10, 20, maybe even 30 freebie seekers and tire kickers, right? After all, someone who has made a purchase from you is far more likely to make more purchases in the future. That’s why some marketers with small lists (less than 2000 or so) … Read more

How to use Outsourcing To Build Your Online Business

13 Tricks to Finding the Very Best Online Workers You don’t need a humongous budget when you begin outsourcing, but what you do need is the knowledge of HOW to get the best online workers possible. After all, no matter how much work you outsource, it’s still your business and your reputation on the line. … Read more

How (And Why) To Build Trust In Your Business

You’ve worked hard (darn hard, in many cases) to get prospects to your website and your sales pages – and many times they are on the verge of buying when they suddenly decide NOT to. What happened? How can you get so very close to making a sale only to lose it? It’s no secret … Read more

How To Make $500 This Week!

If you’re good at writing and you need to make some quick cash, you might try this method. First, choose a niche that’s hot. Internet Marketing, Weight Loss, Health, Self-Help, Finance, Etc. are usually all good topics. You’re looking for something that has a lot of demand as well as a lot of marketers working … Read more