How To Choose a Niche For Your Next Blog (Or Your FIRST Blog)

Without a doubt there’s money to be made in blogging, and you like to write anyway – so why not start a blog? Of course the first painful question that stops most would-be bloggers in their tracks is… What Should You Blog ABOUT? Choose the wrong niche and you’ll grow tired of writing, or you’ll … Read more

So You Think You’re On Page 1 Of Google?

Maybe you are – in some places. Websites can actually appear in different positions in Google search results, depending on who is doing the searching. For example, if the person’s computer is logged into that user’s account, they will often get different search results than computers that are not logged in. This is because the … Read more

An Interesting Way To (Possibly) Make Fast Cash

I have not tried this nor do I plan to (how’s that for a disclaimer?) That said, I ran across an interesting idea to make what could be some easy money. Best of all – you won’t need any money to get started with this! You’ll need an Ebay account, and before you groan, you … Read more

How to Build a Million Dollar Internet Business

I am going to share with you the exact same process that million dollars earners use to build their businesses. And I caution you with the strongest warning I can possibly give – WHILE THESE METHODS MAY SEEM TOO SIMPLE, THAT IS EXACTLY WHY THEY WORK. Yes, you will have heard of some of these … Read more

Quick Writing Tip

Place your most important word last in a sentence. For example, let’s say that the most important word is “now” because you want them to take action right away. Instead of writing… “Now is the time to grab this offer before it’s gone.” Try… “Before it’s gone, grab this offer right now.” Want to pump … Read more