Moving From The Employee to Entrepreneurial Mindset

Most of us who start an online business do so with the intention of eventually being able to make a full-time living from our online business – or at least enough money to enjoy a few extra luxuries in life.

However to make this happen we need to make some subtle but very important changes to the way we think. In many cases this is easier said than done because many of these thought processes are ingrained in us from a young age. It’s the way we are taught to think at school and it’s the way most “normal people” think.

It’s time to realize that you are not “normal” – you are an Entrepreneur! And Entrepreneurs view things in very different ways

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1 thought on “Moving From The Employee to Entrepreneurial Mindset”

  1. Love this intro to thinking more like an entrepreneur than an employee, we are so brainwashed in school to be a good little worker for someone else. I guess that works to keep society going but it isn’t necessarily the best approach to creating wealth.

    I kept reading. Thanks for this informative post.


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