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What Makes People Buy Your Products? (The Customer Mindset)

I’ve recently been listening to a variety of personal development audio books while out walking with my dog and I have found it really helpful with trying to understand what makes people tick and why they do certain things.

One of my favorite audio books so far has been Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki. It’s just packed full of “Ah-ha” moments and it’s a fascinating insight into entrepreneurship.

I started looking for more of his stuff and I just came across something which I thought was interesting and I just wanted to share it with you here.

Robert Kiyosaki says, “A statement closes the mind, a question opens the mind.”

Statements such as…

“I can’t afford it. I can’t do it. I don’t know how to do it.”

…will close your mind and keep you exactly where you are.

But questions such as…

“How can I afford it? How can I do it? How can I find the answers?”

…will open your mind and allow you to move forward.

Everything is an Affirmation

What if every single thing you say is actually an affirmation?

For example, “I can’t. I’ll try. I don’t see how. I’m no good at this.”

All of those are reaffirming something negative you believe. But it’s just a belief. What if you chose to believe something else?

“I can and I will. I’m doing it. I can see myself being successful. I’m discovering how to do this.”

Be careful of the words you speak, because everything you say is either affirming the positive or the negative in your life.

And you always get more of what you affirm.

Sell the Ideal and People will Buy

Have you noticed that a rather large percentage of your customers don’t actually USE your products?

You’re selling a viable product that guides your customers to a specific outcome, such as making money or losing weight.

And some of your customer buy just about every product you produce. But… they don’t use your products…

Which has you scratching your head and wondering if you’re doing something wrong.

You’re not.

For some people, the act of buying a product is enough for them. They feel like they have taken action on losing weight or making money, and they are satisfied. They think they will use the product… later. They will get to it… later… When they have time.

But of course, they never do. Then you advertise a new product, and they buy that one, too, even though they didn’t use the first one.

This is why you can offer personal help as a bonus to your product and not get overwhelmed by requests. 80-95% of people will never actually ask for your help.

The simple act of purchasing your product makes people feel good. And buying upsells makes them feel even better. They convince themselves they are starting on their journey to getting the result you promise, and for today that’s enough.

The more you sell the ideal scenario – losing the weight, making the money, etc. – the more people will buy. And while you would like to help every customer with your products, it simply isn’t going to happen.

You’re offering a lot of value with your products, and what people do with those products is up to them.

Take their money and accept this simple reality: What they do, or don’t do with your product isn’t something you can control.

As long as you have been completely honest and upfront about everything to do with the product then you have done a good job.

6 thoughts on “What Makes People Buy Your Products? (The Customer Mindset)”

  1. You have really explained here what the customer mindset is and how to deal with it. Something I’m able to learn here is that the customers are always happy when one can help them solve a certain problem they are facing. This way they’ll be able to appreciate what they have bought and believe that it is the right pick for them. I deal in buying and selling and this post is a very good. Thanks for the help.

  2. Affirmation have been one of my biggest tool to getting things to work out for me. Over time I have come to realize that humans work inline with what we think and no matter how difficult a situation may be, once we set our minds towards the positive part, its works for us, its may be difficult getting it, but 90% times it works.  So I believe consumers opinion can be affected by how a product is presented to them. Best regards.

  3. As simple as this article is, it actually speaks volumes on the reasons by most people don’t get to see opportunities and make use of it. It is true that statements affirms whole questions creates curiosity to opportunities. Wow! Most people just buy into opportunities but they dont make use of it and they expect a positive impact from the opportunity which they’ve bought into. To be honest, you have really covered all the ground when it comes to customer mindset and why people buy into a product. Thanks to giving another insight into this

  4. This really true, most customers just buy products online without using the product they purchased. I know so many people like that, even my girlfriend does it and on the part of the marketer, there’s nothing wrong about it cos as you’ve said, they can only persuade the customers to buy, they can’t control what they do or don’t with the product. This will really serve as a form of relieve to marketers, provide your honest review, man it captivating, they buy and its a bye, they decide how to manage what they bought. Thanks for sharing this amazing article, its really sweet and simple.

  5. This is one of the most vital elements for selling products and services online.

    Understanding exactly where our prospective customers minds are at in the sales cycle gives us the information to move them along the next step in the process before they make that decision to purchase.

    Thanks for sharing your insights.

    BRAD MagicBrad GUDIM
    Minneapolis, MN USA

  6. What a fascinating way to look at the selling process. It never entered my mind that people would buy products that they don’t use, although I know I have done the same with guitar courses. I appreciate you saying that understanding that what the buyer chooses to do with your products after paying is up to them.

    I’ve enjoyed all of Robert Kiyosakis’ books and even met him once, seriously nice man with a great attitude. He taught me to only think positive thoughts, plan and dream your future and you will achieve it. So true!


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