IM Timewasters You MUST Avoid to Be Successful

Another day goes by and what have you accomplished in your business? If the answer is nothing, or not as much as you would have liked, here are several ways to reclaim your own time so that you are spending it wisely on  your business, rather than frittering it away on meaningless activities. Remember – … Read moreIM Timewasters You MUST Avoid to Be Successful

Making it Impossible for Customers NOT to Buy

If you offer a product or service, this may or may not work in your case, but it’s something to consider. Vacuum cleaner salesmen used to (or perhaps still do) show grossly enlarged photos of dust mites, explaining that there are millions of these critters in your bed feasting on dead skin and defecating all … Read moreMaking it Impossible for Customers NOT to Buy

What Business Are You In?

Seriously, take a moment and ask yourself this question. Are you in the business of selling information? Of selling products? Of selling clicks? Not really. You are in the business of helping people. Change your mindset from “selling” to “helping” and you might be surprised not only at the increase in customer satisfaction and the … Read moreWhat Business Are You In?

Quick Writing Tip

Place your most important word last in a sentence. For example, let’s say that the most important word is “now” because you want them to take action right away. Instead of writing… “Now is the time to grab this offer before it’s gone.” Try… “Before it’s gone, grab this offer right now.” Want to pump … Read moreQuick Writing Tip