Take a break and Get More Done?

One thing I’ve noticed is that if I take a five minute break every hour or so, I tend to feel more refreshed and also get more work done. The trick of course is to not let the 5 minutes extend into a half hour or more, so here are a few ideas that are quick and helpful…
  1. Jump. Get a rebounder (mini trampoline) and put it in your office. Every hour or so go jump on it. Your head will clear, your muscles will get worked and you’ll feel energized.
  1. Play. Whether it’s a remote control helicopter you fly around your office or an old Rubik’s Cube, find something you can do for 5 minutes and then put it down. Not recommended: Video games. We all know that 5 minutes on a video game can easily turn into 2 hours, so save those for when your work is done.
  1. Yoga or any stretching type of exercise to feel invigorated and less stressed.
  1. Mind games. Here’s a site I like… http://GamesForTheBrain.com Check out the game, “Guess the colors.”
  1. Online jigsaw puzzles. Sign up at http://Jigzone.com and they’ll send you a new puzzle everyday.
  1. Walking. Take two or three laps around your house or up and down a staircase.
  1. Cleaning or straightening. Find something small that needs attention and takes no more than 5 minutes. You’ll feel productive and glad to get back to work.

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