Boost Your Sales By Offering Special Deals

Http:// offers a different deal daily for web entrepreneurs. Simply sign up and they’ll send you an email each day letting you know what’s available.

And by the way, this is another incarnation of a terrific idea I’ve seen time and again – offering special deals for one day only. You’ll notice at the top of the website there is a counter letting you know exactly how much time is left to grab the deal. And notice their brilliant guarantee: 100% money back guaranteed! For any reason. Anytime before you die.

Now THAT’s a guarantee customers can sink their teeth into. And don’t forget: Testing shows that the longer your guarantee period, the less refund requests you’re likely to get (all else being the same, of course.)

Lessons Learned from AppSumo:

Do offer special deals, whether on your own products or special deals you’ve negotiated with partners.

Do give a specific deadline, either in terms of time or in units sold.

Do give an awesome guarantee.

And do make the customer feel at home. After you submit your email address, you’ll notice a green bar on the website with a check mark that says: “Success. We sent you a lovely welcome message.”

One more lesson learned: Pay close attention to what other, successful websites are doing and see what bits of insight you can use in your own marketing.

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